Press Release – French woman launches L’Ode Rose PR

L’Ode Rose aims to act as a bridge between the Scottish and French music scenes.

L’Ode Rose is officially breaking into the music PR industry.
The Glasgow-based agency was born out of a genuine love for the indie music scene and a strong desire to bridge the gap that Brexit has created with Europe.
The essence of the business is to specialise in promoting Scottish artists in France, and vice versa to rekindle the Auld Alliance in music!

Artists might face many challenges when exporting their music, such as language barriers or a lack of knowledge of the local market and its effective promotion practices.
French singer Emmanuelle Gabarda, founder of L’Ode Rose says:
“I’ve been living in Scotland for five years, which is long enough to understand how the music industry works here. On the other hand, I grew up in France, so I also have a strong knowledge of the French music promotion best practices.”
Emmanuelle has been an active part of the music business in France and Scotland, not only as an artist but also as a music blogger and radio presenter.
“I’ve been experiencing the music industry for 19 years from different angles; I think it gives me an edge.”

With French-themed series like ‘Emily in Paris’ or ‘Lupin’ arising on Netflix recently, interest in French culture has increased in the United Kingdom. Emmanuelle’s radio show ‘French Connection’ on Johnstone Sound has shown that people are keen to discover more French artists.
Meanwhile, in France, many talented bands who sing in English don’t get easy access to radio play because of the Toubon law, which requires radio stations to play a minimum of 40% of French language songs at times of peak audience.

Entering the UK market is an opportunity for these bands to showcase their music without having to make compromises that could jeopardise their authenticity. And as touring is the main source of income for artists nowadays, Scottish bands can benefit from raising their profile in France to find new opportunities and collaborations in the European market.

L’Ode Rose is committed to supporting and helping artists overcome these challenges so they can take the next step in their careers.

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